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Product Details:
Rigman retractable type fall arrester with galvanized cable 6m, 10m and 15 m. the device is designed for works which require large dislocation from the anchorage point

  • Case : Plastic Radilon
  • Mechanism : All components stainless steel
  • Static strength: not less 12 KN.
  • Braking force: less than 6 KN.
  • Fall arresting height: less than 2 m.
  • Dimensions: 208x85x280mmWeight
  • RM CR 200 06 - 5,10kg
  • RM CR 200 10 - 5,30kg
  • RM CR 200 15 - 6,10kg

Packing Details:
1 Pc / Box

Industrial Application:
Civil Construction, Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Marine, Mechanical Construction, Manufacturing


  • The retractable-type fall arrester device CR a component of the personal protective equipment against falls from a height.
  • Its used only with full body harness rated to fall arrest.
  • Snap hook connector, wire length 6m, 10m and 15 m.
EN 360